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Art Objects
Antique Trade
The Caiafa firm began in 1960, when Lello Caiafa, descendant from a long line of painters, entered the art world. Like many artists his vocation to paint began at a very early age. In time his love and learning of antique art led him to dedicate his life to both the creation of paintings with a group of artists commissioned by him for these past decades, and also with seasoned neopolitan artisans that design and build the frames using antique techniques.

These operas of art are created with great passion and with the goal of expressing original and absolute integrity in each piece.

Lello Caiafa has dedicated his business and his life to nostalgic art. In his studio there are groups of canvases that depict not only images and faces of Naples of yesteryear but also of naples today.

Advised, guided, and directed by Lello Caiafa, 60 painters of all years pursue the streets of and the most famous of the neopolitan locales in search of faces and characteristics to save, captured on canvas that then are sold all over Italy and the world, for whom these images and faces do not want forgotten.