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Art Objects
Antique Trade

The “Caiafa” Paintings should be considered operas of art and not just as decorative objects. Unique pieces to keep and leave to future generations. The paintings are inspired by the old masters and their “masterpieces” using the tecniques and the procedures that were used then, in particular those of the neopolitan workshops of the 1700’s.


Our painters, all of whom are neopolitan, start with a pencil sketch on white canvas and then oil paint it by hand. Later, when the color dries, the painting is given finishing touches and varnished. It’s treated to bring about the craclè, a tipical effect that happens naturally to a painting with age. Then begins the “aging process” that gives its essential look of antique art. Finally, a coat of wax varnish is applied to protect and preserve its condition.

The Underframes are of solid construction, made of seasoned fir wood. In each corner of the underframe there are two splines that keep the canvas tight. The canvas is primed with a mixture of plaster and glue, a consistency that still leaves it smooth enough to paint on. It’s then nailed by hand to the picture frame and left to dry.

Caiafa's Frames
The picture frames are made from firtree wood. After hand assembly they are treated with a special solution, gilded with gold leaf or hand laquered. A final coat is applied to finalize its antique guise and in conclusion is passed over with a coat of shellac.